The 99 Cent Store


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A TRIP to the 99 CENT STORE “Always a Ton of FUN!!!” On Saturday, April 12, 2008 I made one of my many shopping trips to the local 99 Cent Store, Jacks on 32nd Street near Sixth Avenue in Mid-Town Manhattan. I make at least 3 of these trips every month, sometimes 4 or 5 or even 6 times a month. I save quite a lot of money on each and every one of these trips. A trip to the 99 Cent Store is “Money in the Bank.” I love making these trips. I never know exactly what I’ll find or how much I will save. What I do know is that I will save and “I’ll Put Cash in my Pockets,” Money in the Bank. There are some staples that they pretty much always have or will have most of the times I’m there. Things like the whole product line of “Little Debbie’s” cakes and assorted sweet treats for only 99 cents. If you compare the price of “Little Debbie’s” cakes to the average price of other companies like Entteman’s, Hostess, Drakes, Tastycakes,

Pepperidge Farms, and other much higher-priced cakes and sweet snacks, you save quite a lot, an average of $ 3.00 for every pack. So every time I buy a box of “Little Debbie’s” I save $ 3.00. One of the other great staples that they have most of the times are the 6-Pack Packs of Ramen Noodles for just $. 99 or just 16 cents a pack. These little puppies are great to always have on hand. By cooking up a little meal for either breakfast, lunch, dinner or a in-between meal, I save at least $ 2,000 a year, just from utilizing this one little item, and I’ll tell you how you can too. Anyway, there are some things that I can pretty much always get, some things they just have some of the times, and then there are always some kind of great surprises, like Coca Cola Coffee Mugs, Briefcases, Christmas Ornaments, and all sorts of things. On this particular trip the nice surprise was Hillshire Farms Smoked Sausage Links which they don’t have that often, and when they do, I stock-up, “Big-Time.” When they have these great bargains in house I usually get 6 or more. If I buy 6, I will save at least $ 18.00, but actually much more, for if I add-up how much I save by cooking home instead of out, the saving of buying these six packs of sausages will be $ 50 to $ 60. Anyway this trip, as I have plenty of sausages and ham in my freezer already, I just pick up 3 packs for $ 2.97 and save $ 9.00. I also buy four 6-Packs Ramen for $ 3.96 and save $ 7.03, I buy 3 Little Debbie’s for $ 2.97 and save $ 10.00, 2 Packs of Cream Cheese to save $ 1.50, one loaf of bread to save $ 1.99, a bottle of Aspirin to save $ 3.99, and I buy to Sony Video Tapes for $ 1.98, saving at least $ 3.98. On this trip I bought a good number of items for only $ 16.88 and I saved $ 26.48. I spent almost $ 17.00 to save almost $ 30.00. I do this about 50 times in a year to save about $ 1,500 in a year’s time. That’s $ 1,500 in my pockets instead of being foolishly thrown away. Money in the Bank.





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